our Partners

We are committed to aligning ourselves with the leading industry partners in the insurance & financial sector. We only partner with the best amongst the lot. Our relationships have proven Valuable in being able to provide the best of the services & best products to our clients.

Equitable Life Desjardins Financial Security
Canada Protection Plan Canada Life
Standard Life Manulife
Industrial Alliance RBC
Empire Life BMO Life
Assumption Life Ivari
Allianz Sun Life
Foresters TUGO
21 st Century Travel Insurance Limited Group Medical Services

  Life Insurance
Term Insurance
Whole Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance
Participating Life Insurance
  Disability Insurance
  Critical Insurance
  Health and Dental Insurance
  Long Term Care Insurance
  Travel Insurance
  Visitors to Canada Insurance (Super Visa)
  Accidental Death & Disamament Insurance
  Mortgage Insurance

Who Protects Canadian Policyholders in the event of Life Insurance Company failures
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