Mr. Mehta is our insurance advisor and it is due to his supportive nature and product knowledge, that we did not think twice about recommending him to our friends and family.   

Anil Sharma

   I am impressed with Mr. Mehta's knowledge about different Insurance Products available and his patience to explain it to us. I am very happy to have him as my insurance advisor. Thanks…   

Mr. Kapadia

   Dealing with Dhiren Mehta has always been "easy to handle" deal. He is always ready with his kind nature to explain and reply our endless questions about insurance queries.   

Amar Sinha

   Dhiren offers us different options and offers available for insurance. Looking to his product knowledge, we believe his opinions and most often all our decisions are based on his suggestions for insurance products.   

Mark Simon

   With your service, our insurance procedures have never been troublesome to us. Thanks for your support.   

C. Chetwani

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Participating Life Insurance
  Disability Insurance
  Critical Insurance
  Health and Dental Insurance
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  Visitors to Canada Insurance (Super Visa)
  Accidental Death & Disamament Insurance
  Mortgage Insurance

Who Protects Canadian Policyholders in the event of Life Insurance Company failures
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